Getting bald is something common in men

Male Pattern Baldness 

Aged men loss about ten thousand scalp hairs on a daily basis. But these tend to grow over time. But if it has caused due to make pattern baldness, then it won't grow once it falls from the scalp. People from all over the world face male pattern baldness. So, there is no need to panic, if you find yourself attacked by male pattern baldness. You should be thinking about things that you would be able to do from now on, in order to tackle it and make hair grow in those places.

If you are in the age group 20-45, and if you think you are getting bald, then you can be 95 % sure that you're a victim of male pattern baldness. Hair pattern baldness will be with a specific pattern. It may start from any region of your head but the region will get balded slowly over time. In the early stages, you'll notice thinning of scalp hair in those regions. And slowly, that region will become completely bald. 

So, what are the causes of male pattern baldness? In many men out there, it'll be as result of some genetic problems or something related to genes and all. Hormones can also be blamed for male pattern baldness. Some hormones may create problems on the hair follicle, and this is how male pattern baldness occurs.

Here, what really happens is that - testosterone gets converted to dihydrotestosterone. And that's as a result of the action of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase on testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that is present in high amounts in men. But it'll be available in such high amounts only after puberty. That's the reason why male pattern baldness is found commonly in just adult men who falls under the age group 25-40.