Till now, a lot of causes for hair loss and hair baldness have been found. 


Causes of Baldness

 Baldness can be caused due to genetic reasons. But that's not the only reason why baldness could occur in humans. But premature hair loss is caused as a result of genetic reasons. In men, its due to the their maternal grandfather. And this is because, in the case of men, x chromosome can be inherited from their maternal grandfather.

 Some studies conducted based on baldness, in the year 2008 stated that, chromosome 20 can be inherited from both father and even mother. And this chromosome may contain a gene related to baldness. This is a way by which premature baldness could be occurred from our parents.

 Till now, a lot of causes for hair loss and hair baldness have been found. And for the same reason, we should be finding out the reason for the cause of baldness in us. Only then, we would be able to cure it. Before  starting the treatment, the cause for baldness should be known at any cost. Otherwise the treatment won't be of any use.

 In many people, hair balding starts with hair loss. But don't think that, everyone with hair loss problems, would have to face hair balding. Nope, it's not like that. You might have even seen an increase in the amount of hair in your brush. Even then, it's not a big problem. You face hair loss problems, because you are with hair. And, anyone with hair in their head, will face hair loss problems. So, there is nothing much to worry or panic when hair loss starts in you. Just relax, and make sure that you won't be having to face hair baldness. That's what you should be doing at such situations. This way, you'll be able to tackle hair baldness problems at a much earlier stage. 


Preventing baldness

 Do you think you would be able to prevent early bald spots? Early baldness can be easily prevented and for that you should be ready to do some hard work. Only then, you'll be preventing baldness. If you are going with prescriptive science, then there is a high chance that you'll be getting rid of baldness. Wonders can happen with prescriptive science and hence you should be well prepared to face those things. Before you think about doing a particular prescriptive science treatment, you should be knowing the chances of getting it prevented. Don't we are discussing about how to prevent baldness and not about how to cure it. Once you get bald, it won't be that easy as would have been earlier. So, it's better to get ready for these things earlier itself so that we would be easily preventing it.

 If you are young and if only a small part of your scalp is bald at the moment, then the chances of getting it prevented is pretty heavy. On the other hand, for those who are aged and who is with complete bald scalp would be facing some kind of difficulties in preventing it. It won't be that easy in their case as what would be in yours. So, if you are young, and if you think you'll be getting bald in the near future, then start working for it right now. That means, you should start practicing the prevention methods right now.

 One of the easiest ways to prevent baldness is through Rogaine and Propecia . Propecia is an oral treatment, while the other is something that has to be applied to the scalp. Rogaine is getting popular all over the world in a quick manner because of the ease of use. People in the age group 18-50 have been seeing great results after using Rogaine. Just after 3-4 months, hair growth has been seen in them. Propecia is also a good treatment method to prevent baldness. Specialists who have been helping patients to prevent baldness prefer Propecia over Rogaine.