International Hair Forums Alliance

Alopecia - A global problem 

Hair loss is a worldwide problem, even if for social reasons the perception within the society is much more different. The obvious shortcomings are obvious, many sufferers suffer very strongly from exclusion from social life.

Ethical discussions

 The Internet has given many affected people a new chance to exchange anonymously about their suffering and find ways to improve their appearance. However, a huge market has also emerged with products and methods to improve the look. To this day, however, there is no safe way to permanently remove hair loss. Dealing with the problem of hair loss also leads to many conflicts - especially when a bad money is achieved for a lot of money. On the other hand, there are untrustworthy providers who want to lure patients with false promises. If the success is not the disappointment - the discussion on this often takes place in the forums

Partnering with involved doctors and industry 

 The HFA has set itself the goal of bringing the discussion between those affected and between physicians and affected persons to a reasonable constructive platform. The exchange of the forums is intended to set internationally uniform standards, provide global information about the problem of hair loss, and coordinate the behavior with regard to rogue providers and help to improve communication between doctors and patients

HFA is open to all Forums and Independant Consultants

HFA is a work group that is open to all forums and independent consultants dealing with hair loss, hair growth and / or hair transplant. By joining (which is free of charge), the members promise to conduct their activities ethically and in accordance with the respective laws of the country. The working group expressly reserves the right to refuse admission or to exclude members who behave unethically

HFA is supporting Allinace4Hair

 In 2019 a new project joining majour websites and forums about hair loss and hair transplant was founded, Alliance4Hair