Independant Hair Transplant Consultants 


What is an independent consultant?

Almost every clinic has a consultant who looks after the patients. Some work as permanent employees, while others are self-employed on a commission basis. Only a few consultants are not tied to a particular clinic, but are advising either patients or doctors or both about how a hair transplant can be successfully performed.


Possibility one: Consultation of patients

Many patients lack the experience you need to look for a successful hair transplant. This quickly leads to targets being unrealistic, getting them into the hands of poor doctors or clinics, or hastily choosing wrong methods. Here independent consultants may help, as they have many years of experience with different doctors, methods and patients. They help the patient to make the best choice for their treatment strategy, and also help with the selection of the doctor. Also they might help the patient even if there are problems with the operation or with the doctor, as they can appreciate the situation better due to their extensive experience.


Possibility two: Consultation of doctors

Most doctors focus on the treatment of patients in their professional activities. This requires a professional daytime of over 8 hours, so they have little time to think about communication and strategy for patient bonding. Here, too, there are consultants who successfully advise doctors in their business strategy and help them adapt to the needs of the market. At the same time, however, they also take care on informing patients about the possibilities of medical activity and treatment options. However, their activity is not specifically targeted to the individual patient, which is the difference to the patient consultant..