Ressources against Hair Loss 

 Fiansterid (Propecia)

Finasterid is a medication for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is pretty effective in the vertex regions of the scalp. So, people who have baldness in the vertex of the head can try it and check whether its of any use to them or not. Like every other baldness treatment products, finasterid also contains some kind of side effects. So, if you are planning to use finasterid for treating pattern baldness, then get prepared to face the side effects as well. 

 Studies show that finasterid is a pretty good baldness treatment product which helps in the regrowth of hair in men. Majority of those who have used finasterid have found the above result. And the rest of the people have experienced no further hair loss. Thus, even if it's not bringing your hair back, it'll at least try to stop hair loss in you. It's good for people that have just started to face hair loss problems. 

 It's a misunderstanding among the mass that the hair that they'll regain after using finasterid will stay there for an unlimited time. But that's not the real truth. The hair that you'll gain after using finasterid will be gone after like 6-10 months of ceasing the finasterid treatment. Same is the case with the hair loss that you'll be stopping after using finasterid. You'll be again seeing hair loss in you after you stop using finasterid. That means, finasterid is not something that you should be using if you are looking for a permanent solution to male pattern baldness. But if you are looking to get rid of pattern baldness for some time, then you may try it and check how effective it is. The result that you'll be seeing in you might be different from what your friend have seen in him. 

Finasterid Side Effects

Finasterid can help you treat male pattern baldness, but don't forget about the side effects that can catch you. Over the years, different kinds of side effects have been found in patients who have used Finasterid to treat male pattern baldness. We should not consider just the advantages of a medication, but we should look at the side effects as well. Doctors who have been dealing with patients with the side effects of Finasterid recommend not to use Finasterid at any cost for the same reason. But, again, it's up to you, to decide whether to go with it or with something else. 

A very small percentage of people who have used Finasterid have faced erectile dysfunction. This is one of the rarest side effect of Finasterid. But we can't neglect it completely, since we can't predict whether we'd be getting caught by it or not without trying it. And one of the other rarest side effect caused due to Finasterid is gynecomastia. And this is something which causes the enlargement of the breast gland.

Studies conducted in December 2008 by Swedish Medical Products agency show that Finasterid can cause sexual side effects as well. Those who'll be caught will be with persistent sexual side effect. So, don't think that it'll be gone after some weeks or months. Again, get prepared to face these kind of side effects if you have decided that you'll be using Finasterid at any cost. 

Generic Finasterid

Generic Finasterid which comes in similar strengths as the original is used for the treatment of male pattern baldness. And the other one which comes in 5mg strength is used for the treatment of enlarged prostate. These are more commonly known as Propecia and Proscar. So, if you are planning to buy Generic Finasterid, don't forget these two names. 

As we have mentioned above, Generic Finasterid can be used for the treatment of Proscar as well as male pattern baldness. The one which is used for the treatment of male pattern baldness is known as Generic Propecia (which comes in 1mg strength) and the other one is known as Generic Proscar (available in 5mg strength). Many pharmaceutical companies produce and / or distribte now generic finasterid. 

it is usually no problem topurchase such a generic in a local pharmacy, but there is a certain risk in more or less shday ressourecesfrom the web. There is a wide mixture of cheap and good alternatives as well as simply forged and useless products.

 Minoxidil results

Minoxidil is a medication that can be used to stop hair loss. But don't use it on your own. This is something used by surgeons during the hair transplantation processes. It not only stops or slows the hair fall process, but also helps in aiding hair growth. It is one of the many medications that people use for baldness related problems like alopecia and the such. Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine. And this is the name that is most commonly being used by the surgeons. 

So, what are the results that we could expect from the use of Minoxidil or Rogaine? First of all, you should understand that it's just a medication. And just like the many medications out there, if you don't use it in the right manner, you won't getting the desired results from it. Minoxidil is capable of reducing baldness in the front sides of the scalp rather than just the vertical sides unlike the many medications out there. Most people would be facing pattern baldness in the frontal sides of the scalp, and if that's the case with you, then it would be better for you to use Minoxidil. 

Doctors used to Minoxidil in order to reduce or treat bp in patients. But then it was found that, it was having a side effect along with it. And this is nothing but its capability to reverse the balding process. It can even slow down the whole balding process. And this is what prompted the doctors in the United States and Canada to adopt it as a medication for treating baldness.

Minoxidil application

If you are going to use Minoxidil on your own, then there are some things that you should be knowing upfront. It may be conflicting with hair styling products since it should be used as an alcoholic solution. And if you want to use both the products simultaneously, then you should be prepared to wash off the Minoxidil solution after about 40 minutes. But doing so, it won't be working to its fullest.

So, what you can do is, just remove the hair styling creams or gels by washing off with water before you apply Minoxidil. The Minoxidil solution should be in contact with the scalp throughout the process. And if you have already applied some hair styling gels or something like that, then it would be conflicting with Minoxidil solution. And thus, Minoxidil won't be staying in contact with the scalp.

It is advised that Minoxidil solution should be kept in contact for at least four hours. Only then we'll be getting the most out of it. Otherwise we'll end up just wasting our time and money. And if you want to increase the hair growth effect of the Minoxidil solution, then this should be the way you should be dealing with things. And if you want to apply those hair styling things at any cost, then do it, after the Minoxidil solution gets dried.

You'll be getting Minoxidil solutions under different names and brands. So, it would be better to look the ingredients column and make out which are the ones that would be best for you. Going with the best brands out there won't be putting you in trouble. 

Minoxidil side effects

Earlier, minoxidil was used for the treatment of blood pressure in patients. After some time doctors found out that it was with some side effects. And this is what prompted the doctors of those time to use minoxidil as a medication for treating balding. So, what's the side effect that they found in minoxidil? It's nothing but, it's ability to tackle baldness. In other words, they came to know its capability in treating patients with baldness. Yes, it has the ability to cure or at least slow down the balding process.

It is then people started to use minoxidil as a medication for treating baldness related problems. But minoxidil is with some side effects for sure. The side effect that is common in patients who have used minoxidil is "itchy scalp". You may use some kind of alcohol preparations in order to dry the scalp. And this would be helping you to tackle that "itchy scalp". But using those alcohol preparations can bring dandruff problems in you. And for tackling it, again you'll have to use some other medications. In short, minoxidil is with some serious side effects. And if you are planning to use it, then use it at your own risk.

In rare cases, patients even face an increase in hair loss in the initial stages of minoxidil. And if you are going for oral minoxidil, then you might have to face some other side effects such as - irregular heart beats, swelling of face, lightheadedness, and even cardiac lesions. In short, minoxidil is with a lot of side effects including an increase in hair loss.