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The Internet makes it possible: anonymous exchange on the problem of hair loss

For centuries, the subject of hair loss was the subject of jokes, caricatures and amusement to the public. This meant that people with hair loss had to suffer severely from their situation but could not find anyone to talk to. Also doctors did not care much about it because it is not a disease in the actual sense, but in most instances it has agen-related cause.

The internet allowed the affected parties to exchange anonymously in the new communication form forum. Quickly forums have developed in all parts of the world to address this need. Working together helps not only to master the problem more effectively, but is also an emotional support that no one feels left alone.

And indeed it is quite typical that for many people the forums are a kind of home where they can exchange freely and without fear of amusement.

However, in the last few years, the creation of forums, which are still largely private, has become more and more professional. Due to the strong growth of patients with a hair transplant, the market for hair loss products and services hair transplant has become a very big business, so that in many forums professional participants are open or also covertly active. The management of the forums therefore requires a consistent and constant support in order to secure the fair exchange.

Different Languages - 1 Goal 


It is a typical phenomenon that, despite different languages, the content and problems of the forums are very similar around the world.

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