New ideas and Concepts against Alopecia

One day there will be a solution to hair loss

For many years, researchers around the world are struggling to solve the problem of hair loss  - unfortunately so far without a really sweeping success. While a significant improvement can be achieved by different methods and treatments, the real causes and possibilities for stopping the problem are still in the dark.


One of the biggest problems is that there have been a large number of failures in medical research. This is because the occurrence of hair loss is biologically very complicated, the hair follicles are closely involved in their skin environment and are connected with it, and the processes of hair growth is going on for a long time (months and years).

Thus, new products very often show in the laboratory a certain effect, which is  unfortunately later not confirmed in practice in the application to humans.


Nevertheless, there is hope, because genetics and biochemistry are making great progress every day. More and more is known about the very complicated control mechanism of hair loss, and there are some interesting and promising products in the development.

We would like to cooperate with the forums in order to provide people affected as quick as possible with high-quality information about new opportunities for hair loss.