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Finasterid and Minoxidil are medications for the treatment of baldness.

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Patients are patients - not doctors. But in todays world the patient is also part of the cure with own mind and own words. It is our role to

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Hair transplanting is all about distributing hair from the back scalp to the front scalp where there is bald. 

Basic concept of hair transplant

It's a fact that, hair in the back scalp stay there permanently and they don't fall like the ones in the front scalp. And this is what we make use of while doing hair transplantation. The hair in the sides can also be used to redistribute in the balded regions of the scalp. The same procedure can be used in regions where there is thinned hair. The region where there is thinned hair will soon be getting into a balded region in the scalp. So, its better to cover the region using the permanent hair in the side and back sides of the scalp. 

Hair translation is not just about moving hair from one part of the scalp to the other. Actually the process is all about moving skin containing hair follicles from side and back sides of the scalp to the region where there is bald. This surgical method consists of transplanting the grafts to the balded regions in the scalp. The grafts would be having hair follicles which are resistant to balding. These follicles will be genetically resistant to balding since they are those which are taken from the side and back sides of the scalp. These are the regions where we can find permanent hair. This is the reason why we don't see bald in these regions. 

Hair transplantation is the most widely used method to tackle male pattern baldness. There might be a lot of other types of treatments - both oral and those which can be applied to the skin. But hair transplantation is different from those methods in the sense that it is a surgical method of treating male pattern baldness.

Strip Technology

Strip Technology is a follicular unit transplantation by which hair transplantation can be done. In follicular unit transplantation processes, just one follicular unit will be transplanted at a time. This method is treated as the standard for hair transplantation. And if you being introduced to something else, then you should be alert, and should go with it only after researching a bit about that method. Anyways, strip technology follows the standard that is put forward by follicular unit transplantation. So there is nothing much to worry if you are gonna do hair transplantation this way. It's pretty safe and is following the standard put forward by follicular unit transplantation.

Now lets see how hair translation using strip technology works. This method involves removing a strip of hair consisting hair follicles, and then follicular units are harvested from them. When doing this process much has to be taken. So it would be wise to consult a good hair transplantation firm with expert professionals if you are thinking of doing hair transplantation using strip technology. 

There are a lot of advantages of using the strip technology method of hair transplantation, over the other methods out there. Firstly, you would be seeing results much faster than other methods. Secondly, the process won't be costing you much like some of the other methods like FUE and the such. In the case of strip technology, the number of follicular units that's gonna be available would be much higher than in any other method. And this is because, in this method, when we remove the hair containing hair follicles, the entire donor region is removed. And so, all of the follicles that we'll be removing the donor region can be used for transplanting it to other places where we want to tackle the bald.

FUE technology

FUE technology is one of the other types of follicular unit transplantation. The pain during the process would be much lesser than those with other methods like the strip technology and the such. If you are gonna go for hair transplantation using the FUE technology method, then the the whole work may seem pretty natural - yup, the hair that we'd be transplanting won't be looking like a transplanted one. Instead it'll be looking pretty natural.

In this method of hair transplantation, follicular units are harvested one by one. That means, at a time, just one follicular unit will be taken from the donor area in the scalp. And for doing this special instruments will be used by the professionals. You should be asking about the instruments in advance. Only then proceed with the hair transplantation process. The instruments should be pretty small. Then only, the process would be completed the right way. And if you think they are not with the right utensils, then it's better to do the transplantation process from somewhere else. 

In this method of hair transplantation, there won't be any type of stitching, incision, or scar. For the same reason, it would be healed pretty fast. For carrying out this type of hair transplantation, just two professionals would be required and one among them should be the surgeon.

 During the process, each of the donor follicles should be placed perfectly one by one. Similar should be the case when placing the grafts. Not just that, utmost care should be taken by the surgeon who'll be doing the whole process.

Risks of hair transplant

There are definitely some risks associated with hair transplantation surgery. So, before you think about taking the surgery, you should understand the different risks associated with it. But that doesn't mean that you should not be taking hair transplantation surgeries. It only means that you should be knowing the risks and should be asking the surgeons to be careful while doing the surgery. If they do things the right way, then there won't be any problems. But for doing things the right way, they should be well experienced in this regard.

If the hair follicles are placed at a wrong place, then those won't be growing there and will die in no time. So utmost care should be taken by the surgeon who is involved in the transplantation process. If they do things this way, there won't be any chance for hair growth in those regions. They will still be looking bald. And you'll end up just wasting your time and money and gaining nothing out of it.

Not just that, if things didn't go well, a pattern will be developed in your head which won't be looking natural. People would be able to recognize the patchy work pretty easily. And in order to solve the problem you'll have to go for another hair transplantation. But if you are going for another hair transplantation, the risk will increase again. That's because the risk in hair transplantation is directly proportional to the number of hair transplantation. So, the more the number of hair transplantation, the higher will be the risk.

So, it is better to seek the help of experienced surgeons who would be doing the process the right way, without having to do the same thing again and again.


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